The natural beauty of wood is a compelling medium for both the craftsman and the consumer. The look. The feel. The versatility. The strength. All of these things and more make wood the desirable material to craft both functional and aesthetically pleasing works for our homes and beyond.

Custom and
unique furniture
for your home,
farm and

At Buckingham Valley WoodWorks Inc, we strive to honor the beauty and qualities of the materials we work with as we create your solution, be it a unique piece of furniture, a custom built-in or cabinetry design or our furniture quality custom equestrian storage offerings.

We use a variety of techniques to craft your project, spanning from traditional hand tools and techniques all the way to modern computer controlled CNC machining. While solid, native species like cherry and black walnut are our "first love", we use the material that is best suited to the use. Our equestrian storage solutions, for example, are constructed of high-quality, furniture grade veneer plywood with solid wood trims for maximum strength and beauty. We enjoy the opportunity to work with reclaimed materials which bring a lot of interesting character along with qualities that are hard to find in current growth wood products.

Reclaimed materials and old school craftsmanship provided a useful courtesy bench

We specialize in unique designs that can make a larger project by other contractors shine. This beautiful vertical grain, Douglas Fir island top capped off a major kitchen transformation.

We will enjoy working with you to plan and execute your unique design and believe that you'll enjoy your investment for years to come.

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